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Ally Quest: Cast and Crew
Allison Wottawa

Ally (Allison Jean Wottawa)
Allison could not be happier to have the best job in the world. Ally Quest was born out of two of Allison’s deep loves: travel and history.

Allison grew up performing theatre on Long Island, NY. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from The George Washington University with a major in Political Communications and minors in theatre and history. She moved to London for graduate school and received a certification in drama (equivalent to an MFA in the US) from Drama Studio London. While in London, Allison had the pleasure of studying with some of Britain’s superb television directors including Basil Taylor, David Tucker and Sebastian-Graham Jones and one of the leading experts on Shakespeare, Patrick Tucker.

Since her move to Los Angeles, Allison has been featured in a number of films including “Cordially Invited” and “Office Games.” In her free time, Allison likes to play with swords and trains in film combat with Sword Fights, Inc.

Davide Fortunati

Producer/Sound Engineer: Davide Fortunati (Catalina Island 1920s)
Davide is a classical musician from Padua, Italy. He studied classical guitar at the Conservatory of Music at Dall’Abaco of Verona, and modern composition at the Philharmonic Academy in Rome. Davide worked as composer and sound engineer on several foreign film projects. He moved to the United States in 2001 and studied audio production at Cal Arts in Los Angeles. Davide has had the pleasure of composing scores for a variety of projects in the United States, including for the film "Lapse".

Travel and history have always been passions for Davide. He couldn’t be more excited about his involvement in "Ally Quest", his first documentary and travel show project.

David Parke

Editor: David Parke (Catalina Island 1920s)
David is a graduate of the California State University, Northridge Cinema and Television department (2007) where he won "Best In Show" for the documentary "The Undying Monsters!" which he edited. The doc then toured the festival circuit with many accolades and is still used as a single-camera teaching tool in the television department.

He then went on to work on the Lionsgate/NBC show "Fear Itself" as a Post Production Assistant. He is now the current Post Production Supervisor at Make It Happen Productions.

Matthew Sanders

Director of Photography: Matthew Sanders (Catalina Island 1920s)
Matthew Hunter Sanders grew up in Austin, Texas and has always been fascinated with visual images. As a student in high school he won some photography awards but after high school he headed to Baylor University where he earned a B.B.A. in Media Business. During college he interned on a Michael Bay film shot in Texas and caught the movie bug. After a short stint working in New York City Matthew attended Florida State University’s College of Motion Picture Arts where he received an M.F.A. with a specialization in cinematography. Matthew seamlessly mixes business and art as he tells intriguing stories and captures beautiful images on film.

Nick Johansen

Script Supervisor: Nicholas Johansen (Catalina Island, Pilot Episode)
Nicholas (Nick, who are we kidding?) has been working professionally in production and production design since 1997. In that time he has worn many hats, however his strange obsession with haberdashery never deterred him from diversifying his experience in television, theater, dance, events, and installation design and production.  From his beginnings as a theater design major in college, Nick has worked on a number of high-profile productions in numerous capacities. From being a stage carpenter on the Tonys, the Grammys, the News Hour with Jim Lehrer, to lighting designer on several modern dance performances, including Dance of the Auroras, in St Petersburg and Arkhangelsk, Russia, to Scenic Production Manager on the 2008 Presidential Debates, Nick likes to ensure that every day at work is as different as possible from the one previous.

Nick was thrilled to join Ally Quest, as it combined four of his great passions- travel, history, production work, and mooching off one of his closest friends- Allison. Nearly realizing his dream as a historian or archaeologist, Nick was forced to abandon these pursuits in college as theater and production stole all his time. As a result, Nick is eternally grateful to Allison for the opportunity to participate in Ally Quest.

Nick can currently be found in the Washington, D.C. area, designing and producing only the finest scenery for such clients as the Kennedy Center and MSNBC. He will also make you fried chicken if you ask nicely.

Adam Sumner

Director, Editor: Adam Sumner (Los Angeles 1940s)
Adam Sumner is part of Documentary Channel's (DOC) multi-talented, LA based, production team. Working as the Post Production Manger, Sumner continues to maintain a high level of production for the Channel, and works to implement the day to day operations.

Sumner has been instrumental in the growth of the Documentary Channel since 2007, in helping to produce high quality content, and promotional materials for DOC. Since coming on in 2007, he has worked his way up the ladder, and has honed in on the post production craft, while also helping to shoot, edit, and produce the original series DocTalk.

Prior to his work at the Channel, he worked in the freelance film and photography world with some of the biggest names in the business. He still maintains those relationships within the industry, and continues to write, and produce other projects aside from his important work at DOC.

Sumner earned a bachelor's degree in Media Communications, from The College of Charleston(2003), in South Carolina.

Antonio Aguilar

Director: Antonio Aguilar (Pilot Episode)
Writer/ Director/ Actor/ Photographer/ Entrepreneur:
Current Scripts: "The Forbidden Legacy", "The Mystic Realm", "The Lottery"
--- Director credits: "Office Games", "Ally Quest", "Agency Unknown"
--- Acting credits: "Murder Reopened", "Agency Unknown", "The Godson", "Cafe Despair", "First Apartment".
--- Photography: USA Sports Photography, All Sports Photography, Postcards, Headshots, events.
--- Entrepreneur: Currently working on several business opportunities in the United States, Canada and Costa Rica.
Antonio spent six years in lighting for Studios and Motion Pictures which has given him a great foundation for lighting and composing shots. Some of Antonio’s film work include: "The Grinch", "Cast Away", "American Pie", "The Godson", "The David Cassidy Story", "Your Friends and Neighbors", "Guinevere", "The Settlement", "Just a Little Harmless Sex."

Carl McDowell

Production Assistant: Carl D. McDowell (Pilot Episode)
Carl D. McDowell was born on the gang-ridden streets of Chicago's south side.  Carl came out to Hollywood in 2004 and began to do background work so he could see how things work behind the scenes. Later, to get a more hands on approach, he began his stint as a Production Assistant on shows like "Numbers", "The Riches", and  "Criminal Minds".  In his short career in Hollywood Carl has Produced, Written, Directed, Acted, and Edited films.  To this date his fondest moments have been working along side Adam Sandler, "The Longest Yard", being directed by Cameron Crowe, "Elizabeth Town", and getting to be in a movie with Snoop Dog, "Bossn' up".    He is going to continue on his path in Hollywood as he has been in a few movies, and he is ripping up stages on the comedy circuit. 

Tony Patterson

Production Assistant: Tony L. Patterson (Pilot Episode)
A native New Yorker, avid Mets fan and father of four, Tony moved out to California in 2006 to pursue a career in film and television. As a writer, director, producer and co-founder of PattersonHouse Productions LLC, Tony has written and produced one short film, an episodic sitcom / sketch comedy show and two features, both romantic comedies.

"The best education in film is to make one" a quote made famous by the great Stanley Kubrick is Tony's battle cry, along with "the comedy of guerilla filmmaking ain't no joke".

Rachel Simon

Legal Advisor: Rachel Simon
Ms. Rachel Simon, Esq. serves as the legal adviser to Ally Jean Productions. With her genuine love for travel and history, Rachel was thrilled when her long time friend, Allison Wottawa (Ally Quest host and producer) asked her to be part of the Ally Quest team.

In her travels over the years, Rachel has had the opportunity to visit numerous countries, including Mexico, Guatemala, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain and Italy.  She has also had the opportunity to visit more than 15 states in the U.S.

Rachel currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Chuck Hendy

Theme Song: Chuck Hendy
Mervyn Hendy Jr., A.K.A. Chuck Hendy, has been a sound engineer for 12 years. He, as with most engineers got his start as a club D.J. Chuck progressed into music production/songwriting in reggae, hip hop, soul, and alternative music. Chuck then evolved into music studio engineering, live sound engineering, and then into film sound editing and scoring.

As a music producer/songwriter Chuck was also responsible for having the number one reggae tune and group in British Honduras, Central America in 2002-2004. Chuck parted from the group in 2005 for business reasons.

It is rumored that Chuck is an artist himself, a vocalist, and a rapper. When asked if he is an artist he humorously replies, “Isn’t everyone? I do not label myself as anything, I just simply, do. I let people decide for themselves because they are going to anyway, hate it or love it. Saying you are anything nowadays is so cliché and down right corny. So, I write and record myself from time to time, do shows, and when I get a few songs that compliment each other, put out an E.P. or an album, nothing forced, just me in a different form.”

Mayra Rodriguez

Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe/Sound: Mayra Rodriguez
Mayra's bio will be added soon.